Our beauty treatments

Crystal Clear Skin System

The Crystal Clear microdermabrasion technique performs a progressive rather than an aggressive treatment, and is Dermatologist and Dermatology approved.

From a simple beauty flash that instantly rejuvenates and lifts tired skin, to more in-depth treatments for lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, stretch marks and pigmentation problems – it does it all.

Microdermabrasion is a safe, controlled way to exfoliate skin and superficially peel the Stratum Corneu reducing its thickness through mechanical abrasion of the dead skin cells.

A flow of crystals hit the skin’s surface, and the speed and abrasiveness of these crystals gently removes the epidermal cells layer by layer. Used crystals and dead skin cells are drawn away through the vacuum action, allowing for controlled exfoliation.

This gentle vacuum action also gives an immediate lifting effect on tired muscles and stimulates the blood supply to the skin’s surface. This helps promote new collagen and elastin formation.

Specific attention is given to any areas of concern such as open pores, fine lines and wrinkles, blemished skin or acne scaring, resulting in dramatically rejuvenated skin.

Benefits of Crystal Clear Skin System

This is the perfect salon treatment as it delivers instant, visible results. It’s suitable for all skin types and colours and can be used to treat a range of skin problems on the face, hands and body.

Salon applications include:

  • A complete facial in less than 40 minutes
  • Perfect for ageing skin as it visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Excellent results on acne scaring, pigmentation and sun damaged skin
  • Body applications include total body exfoliation for silky smooth skin or a flash exfoliation before the application of tanning products
  • It’s highly effective in reducing the appearance of stretch marks and minimising the orange peel effect of cellulite

Crystal Clear Skin System – The proof

In independent clinical trials, Crystal Clear Skin System was conclusively proven to dramatically and visibly improve the texture and appearance of skin – reducing and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and producing a smoother, more rejuvenated look and feel.

HD Brows


Thats right all the celebs are having HD Brows, and thank goodness The Lash and Brow Studio are the first to bring it to Bury St Edmunds.

Ever wondered how the celebs have the perfect looking brows? Here’s how – using a seven step procedure including a variety of depilation techniques HD Brows creates the ultimate in 'High Definition Brows', giving you the perfect brow. Yes, that’s right all the celebs are having HD Brows, and thank goodness The Lash and Brow Studio are the first to bring it to Bury St Edmunds.

HD Brows – the ‘must have’ celebrity treatment to dramatically enhance your brows!

HD Brows is a high-precision procedure that transforms your eyebrows into their perfect shape, dramatically enhancing your facial features. Whoever you are, whatever the state of your eyebrows, HD Brows puts celebrity beauty within your reach.

The treatment consists of seven unique procedures that are performed by highly trained and skilled HD Brows stylists. This isn't just shaping and tidying - HD Brows is eyebrow artistry.

Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to get those perfectly formed eyebrows? The secret is HD Brows – the treatment that defines the natural beauty of your eyebrows through a unique and revolutionary seven-step high definition process.

HD Brows can be carried out on even over plucked eyebrows, and the HD technician will put you on a regrowth programme that will help your eyebrows over the course of your visits. On average clients tend to come every 4-5 weeks between treatments, this will vary depending on hair growth. Most clients will get the HD look on their first visit, and may only need to grow in a few areas, while it may take some people a few more visits to get their brows perfected. All of this will be explained in your consultation.

The Brow shape is tailored to the client, and can be made dark or light, thicker or thinner, sharp or soft all of which is discussed with you and the HD stylist.

The HD Brows seven steps include:

  • Assessing your face shape, colouring and natural brows to determine the best result for you.
  • Some clients can achieve the perfect HD Brow shape on the first visit, whilst others may need a few treatments and be advised to grow in more eyebrow hairs to get the best results. HD Brows can be thick or thin, dark or lighter, angular or soft – as we all start from a different point, we all get a slightly different result- the aim is to give you the perfect shape for YOU.
  • Tinting of all brow hairs, including some of the 'fluffy' ones around the brows so that we have the maximum to work with to get the best shape for you. This tint is a special, high pigment tint to give longer lasting results than traditional tints. We mix the tint according to your present colouring and desired result.
  • Waxing both above and below the brows using the HD Brow guidelines to achieve the famous HD shape but tailored to best suit you.
  • Threading of the 'fluffy' hairs surrounding the brows to blend in to the hairline.
  • Tweezing to perfectly fine tune your shape.
  • Trimming of any long hairs so that all of your brow hairs lie perfectly in their newly defined shape.


Some clients will need a small amount of eyebrow pencil or powder to fill in any gaps whilst we encourage regrowth of any previously over plucked areas. Brow Beater is then applied to set your gorgeous new brows into place.

Do's and Dont's

To get the best results form your HD Brows treatment, it's best to let your brows grow in for around 4 weeks prior to your first treatment so that we have plenty to work with.

If your eyebrows are naturally thin and difficult to regrow then we can still give you a highly defined look for your brows, but please be aware that we don't 'transplant' hairs and so your finished look will not be as thick as the models in the pictures above.

Prior to your first HD Brows treatment, you will need to call into the salon for a patch test which only takes a minute so that we can apply a tiny bit of the tint to your skin (either behind your ear or in the crook of your elbow) just to make sure you aren't allergic to the tint that we use for this treatment. This must be done at least 24 hours before your treatment.

To maintain your gorgeous new brows you'll need to repeat the HD Brows treatment after 4-6 weeks once your hairs have regrown and your colour has faded.

Please don't exfoliate the skin or use products containing AHA's or fruit acids around your eyebrows for at least a week before and after treatment so as not to thin the skin and make it more sensitive to the waxing.

If you have taken Roacutaine or any other skin thinning medication in the past, you must wait at least 6 months before having waxing on the eyebrows.

All HD Brow treatments are carried out by a qualified HD technician trained by the renowed HD expert Nilam Petal, who has worked with many big names including Girls Aloud, The Saturdays, Katie Price, Hollyoaks, The X Factor finalists and many more.

A H Francis/3D Lashes

The world's leading brand of eyelash extensions. A H Francis Lashes are state of the art semi-permanent lash extensions that give longer thicker natural looking lashes.

...Choose from short, medium or long lashes, straight lashes or curly lashes or coloured lashes.

Longer, thicker Lashes are the 'must have' look, worn by every female celebrity on the planet!

The lashes are made of a soft and naturally curved synthetic material and look identical to human lashes.

A H Francis/3D Lash adhesives are the most advanced glues in the world and are used by many celebrity lash technicians for their lasting power.

Designed to thicken and lengthen the client's natural eyelashes, lash extensions are nothing like ‘traditional false lashes’ which are produced in clumps of about 5 or 6 and are stuck to the client's eyelashes with self-adhesive and last a couple of days.

A H Francis lash extensions are individual lashes and last for weeks and weeks. Made to be identical to natural lashes the lash base is flat and the lash tip is fine and polished, just like real lashes.

Via a state-of-the-art technique 'one' lash extension is applied directly to the client's own lash and repeated until the client has a full set of lash extensions creating the illusion of fuller, thicker more defined lashes.

The lashes only fall out when your own eyelashes would naturally fall out, meaning that there is no damage what so ever to your own eyelashes and that they should look nice and full for 2-3 weeks, after which you can come in and have a 25 minute maintenance session where the girls place new eyelashes where you may have any missing.

Please Allow 70 minutes for your first appointment

Choose from short, medium or long lashes to create the look you want.

Shellac is a breakthrough

A patent-pending UV3 technology that combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gels. No other products in the market can stand up to the claim – on like polish, wears like gel, off in minutes.14 day wear, a high mirror finish, zero drying time and no damage to the nail.


St Tropez tanning

Our spray tan is a quick and easy way to get a all over natural looking colour in just a few minutes. Working well with your own skin colour it gives you a beautiful yet natural looking tan.

or for best results -

  • Exfoliate before treatment
  • Remove all traces of makeup, deodorant and any perfume products on the skin
  • Wear loose dark clothing and open toe shoes immediately after the treatment
  • Wax or shave at least 24 hours prior to treatment

LvL Lashes 

  • LVL Lashes will add length, volume and lift to your natural lashes - without using semi-permanent lash extensions or strip lashes (false lashes).